Terms & Conditions


This legal Agreement describes the terms and conditions of your membership and your use of digital currency exchange service provided by legal entity "Bytes and Barter Global services limited" doing business as lumierexchange.com. Before using any of our services, user must read and accept all the conditions described in these Terms of Service. In case of disagreement with conditions of the given agreement, the client has no right to perform any operations on the lumierexchange.com website service.


In this terms, many phrases will be used to address us and you. “We” refers to lumierexchange.com (a website owned by Bytes and Barter Global services ltd) and “You” refers to anyone using the service of lumierexchange.com


You are responsible for providing your correct digital currency wallet address and bank account number. In the event that your fund is sent to a wrong account/wallet because you supplied details, we will not be liable for any loss you may incur.

In the case you are sending your E-currency to us. We pay into your bank account the equivalent amount of the E-currency we receive in our account. The reduction in the amount paid into your bank account is due to the receiving fee the payment processor charge on all transactions. It means you are the one to bear the receiving fund fee at a particular time you make a spend to us.

Processing Time

We try our best to conclude all transactions with 1-12 hours. However, due to unforeseen market events such as scarcity, low supply, availability, and so many others, orders may be delayed. You agree to be patient and not use any kind of threat or abusive words on any of our staff or representative.

Refund Policy

All payments are final and not reversible except those cases which are provided in Terms and Conditions. Lumierexchange.com may terminate performing of the service and issue a refund immediately if:

  • Payment is sent under a different name which does not match Customer's name (third party payments).

  • Lumierexchange.com has a right to refuse providing the service if Customer refuses to submit required verification documents, or verification of the Customer's identity fails through. Also if there is a reasonable suspicion that verification documents provided by potential Customer are invalid or illegally modified.

  • The purpose of payment transactions and the source of funds used for payment transactions must not be restricted or forbidden by applicable anti-money laundering policy.

To process a refund, you will need to send us a mail electronically or physically via the contact us page, all refunds will be processed in 7 business days.


We reserve the right to change the price/rates of any of our products buy posting the information on our website. Note that a mail will not be sent to a customer’s email for any changes in the price.

Form of Contract

The Parties recognize the Agreement in electronic form equivalent to the validity of a contract concluded in writing. The administration of lumierexchange.com reserves the right to itself at any moment to make modifications and additions to the given agreement unilaterally without prior notice.